Townsend Hook – 009 Body Kit


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This is a 009 sized version of our 7mm loco kit.

30/06/2020:  Someone must have published an article on this model. Our stocks went from no sales for several weeks to all gone almost overnight. More are now on the printer and will be ready to ship by the end of the week

Townsend Hook

In 7mm this was our first 3D printed loco body kit designed to use a commercially available chassis. We were asked more than once if we would produce it in different scale, mostly 009 so here it is

3D Printed Parts
Main Body
Smokebox Door

The kit consists of the 3D printed parts only.  Its made to be the right size rather than for a specific chassis and I am unable to recomend a chassis as I have little knowledge of what is available in 009.

We will not be doing the castings and other details in this scale

A little bit of history might make things clearer. Originally CW Rail produced a model of Townsend Hook (still available I believe) which was distorted in its dimensions to fit a minitrains chassis. A friend asked if they could print a 7mm version. This was tried and the compromises/fudges that were acceptable in 009 were just too much in 7mm.  To correct this a new model was drawn in 7mm scale which is our complete kit.  We were then asked if we would complete the loop and scale ours down to 4mm and here it is.

The photo is of the 7mm loco. Photos of the 009 kit will follow shortly


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