Payment & Security

Online Payments

Online payments are handled by our payment processor Square Payments. As you complete your order at the checkout you will be transferred to their secure server to complete the payment and then transferred back to our site. No card data is held by us, Square just tell us when you have paid. You can use all the usual Visa & Mastercard cards to make a payment. Your card is charged at the time of the order.

Payments Over The Phone

When you phone with an order your card details are processed using the online services provided by Square Payments. If we can’t do it online as you call and have to write down the details it goes in the shredder as soon as it’s been used. We do not keep card details. Your card is charged at the time of the order.

Payments by Cheque and Postal Order

We no longer accept payment by these methods.


We don’t hold your card details, you can save them with Square Payments if you wish to and we will ask you do so if you take a subscription with us. We take security seriously but we use the Internet to process payments. I regularly hear the phrase “I phoned because I don’t use my card on the Internet”. You do and I will. I suggest you read this article Cards & The Internet