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EDM Models & can be contacted as shown below

19 Briar Avenue, Acomb, York  YO26 5BX  UK

44 (0) 1904 331973        info<@>

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Why we prefer e-mail

  • Yes, e-mail might be a bit less personal than a phone call but in an e-mail,  I have a written record of your requirements.
  • The stock isn’t necessarily near the phone so it’s easier to check and e-mail you back.
  • E-mail is less time constrained. I won’t phone you after 9pm but I would send you an e-mail as I am often doing model stuff through until midnight. I can send it at my convenience, and you can read it at yours.

Strict e-mail policy    –    DODGY E-MAILS GET DELETED!

Another sign of the times is that we have a strict set of junk mail filters on our incoming e-mails with three different systems looking for dodgy ones. Having supervised them for a while, reviewing what they want to bin before letting them, we have now let them loose. Here are a few certainties for the bin.

  • A blank subject
  • Any variation of Viagra in the subject line
  • Iffy links to websites in the message body
  • Just something like “hi” in the subject line
  • The word software in the subject line