Kit No: SL5. Penrhyn Port Class Hunslet 0-4-0ST


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Kit No: SL5. Penrhyn Port Class Hunslet 0-4-0ST

The kit requires wheels, gears and motor to complete [at the moment we cannot supply these]

You can download the instructions here SL5 Penrhyn Port Class – EDM Revised Instructions


This class of Hunslet Iocos comprises three locos:

The locos each sported a polished brass dome and safety valve bonnet on the firebox (‘Winifred’ had a bonnet with a short top spout, but the other pair had tall stemmed bonnets). Salter safety valves were fitted and the footplate/running plate was dropped or stepped, just in front of the firebox. Stephenson valve gear was fitted along with 7″ x 10″ cylinders operating on a 4′ wheelbase. Cabs were never fitted and the locos spent most of their working lives at Port Penrhyn.

Originally, the locos had square-shaped sandboxes on the running plate, but these were unsuccessful (it proved impossible to keep the sand dry) and were removed. When new, a regulator lubricator was fitted to the dome top: this also proved unsuccessful (priming was a problem) and was later discarded. Externally, ‘Winifred’ differed from the other pair in having a non-riveted tank and smokebox, and a safety valve bonnet with a short top outlet. During its working life at Penrhyn, ‘Gwynedd’ had a flat type of smokebox door fitted with two locking lugs on the rim. The other locos retained the traditional domed type of door with dart locking.

All three locos survive in preservation:

  • Gwynedd (now with a conventional smokebox door) normally resides at Bressingham Steam Museum
  • Lillian is based at the Launceston Steam Railway
  • Winifred Was exported to Indianapolis USA in 1965 but was repatriated in 2012 and now lives at the Bala Lake Railway

Needed to complete are……..

  • 2 Romford extended axles (for either 14mm or 16.5mm)
  • 2 Romford 12.5mm insulated wheels (RP25)
  • 2 Romford 12.5mm plain wheels (RP25);
  • Paxolin (copper clad) plus brass or nickel silver wire
  • Mashima 1220 motor
  • Ultrascale 38:1 gears or Markits gears

Kit History

The Agenoria Narrow Gauge range of kits was created by Peter Stamper and Jonathon Matthews and released under their `Stourbridge Lion” series.
The range grew to seven kits and a full range of nameplates before other interests diverted attention from the narrow gauge scene.
In 2010 Peter decided to retire and sold the complete Agenoria range. The range ended up with three different homes as the different scale kits ended up with specialist traders in the relevant scale.

EDM Models were delighted to be offered first refusal on the narrow gauge kits and, of course, snapped them up.

Future Plans

The longer term intention is to refresh each kit with currently available motors, gears and wheels and to redesign them with proper working outside frame chassis with some simple springing but we’re only just getting started on that.


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