New Website

Temporary Block on Sales

Midday Wednesday 4th September.  This site runs in WooCommerce. Last Thursday WooCommerce forced the install of what they called an upgrade(!).  It has caused a problem between Woo and Square our payment provider – an interface written by Woo – such that its adding double VAT (woo adds it then Square adds it again). 

Whilst we are sorting this there is a temporary change to using PayPal for the checkout

This is proving both protracted, inconvenient. Dealing with WooCommerce support is, well, I not sure whether to call it frustrating or infuruating.  I’ll give you a clue – they call themselves “happiness engineers”

New Website

It’s been a long time coming but our new website is now live. The old one got too clunky to carry on with and the site being live will up the ante on getting products added. Do subscribe to our newsletter for updates on progress. It’s going to look a bit thin on the ground initially as we strive to add more products whilst we do all the other things we usually do. There are more than three thousand products to add so it’s going to take some time to add them all.

Two things you need to know in these early days

If there is something you think we have but you can’t find it (do try the search box) either e-mail me at info<@> (remove the <>) or ring me on 01904 331973.

There will be a strategy to adding items, it’ll go something like this:

  • Our own branded headline products
  • Best sellers in the last year
  • Product or Brand Groups
  • New Stuff