Kit No: SL2. Manning Wardle `Jubilee 1897′ 0-4-0ST


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Kit No: SL2. Manning Wardle `Jubilee 1897′ 0-4-0ST

The kit requires wheels, gears and motor to complete [at the moment we cannot supply these]

You can download the instructions here…   SL2 Jubilee 1897 Revised EDM Instructions

This kit is based on the unique 1ft 11.5in gauge (nominal2′) engine built in 1897 (w/no 1382) by Manning, Wardle & Co Ltd of Leeds. Originally the loco was supplied to the Cilgwyn Quarry, Nantlle in North Wales. In 1928 it was sold to the Penrhyn Quarry Railway for £150. Originally, it was purchased as a replacement for the Baldwin locos. The Fullersite traffic that it was intended for did not materialise and after originally working at Port Penrhyn it worked in the quarry on Red Lion level until it was withdrawn in 1955. It went to Tywyn, in 1963, for preservation, after being stored disused at Penrhyn’s Coed-y-Parc workshops. The loco has been cosmetically restored in non-working order and currently resides in the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum at Tywyn. At one time, while working in the quarry, ‘Jubilee 1897’ was painted unlined black, while at another time (and today in preservation) it carried the lined black Penrhyn livery. The lined black Penrhyn livery is very similar to that of the LNWR.

Manning, Wardle & Co Ltd constructed many narrow gauge locos. ‘Jubilee 1897’ is typical of and similar to many narrow gauge designs from this manufacturer with a saddle tank that does not cover the smokebox or firebox. The latter is of the classical ‘haystack’ design, so popular with this manufacturer. The cab is commodious, a rare luxury on many quarry locos. The loco is relatively large, especially considering that it is an 0-4-0ST.

The loco seems to have changed relatively little during its lifetime, a rarity among industrial locos. At one time it was fitted with ordinary wooden steel-faced dumb buffers and a simple central coupling. Later it lost its dumb buffers and acquired a centre-mounted steel buffer which had an integral coupler. At the same time it probably acquired chain haulage hooks on its buffer beams. When constructed, the loco had a pair of front but no rear sandboxes. However, at some time in its life it lost the right hand box, but retained the left one. A front lamp bracket also appears to have been fitted at one time. Two types of smokebox dart have been fitted. The original one was probably the standard Manning, Wardle wheel-type. A two-handled version is now fitted. In its preserved (stuffed and mounted) condition the loco has the following: central buffers with integral coupler; chain haulage hooks; left hand sandbox only; no front lamp bracket and a two-handled dart. All of these variants are covered with this kit.

Kit History

The Agenoria Narrow Gauge range of kits was created by Peter Stamper and Jonathon Matthews and released under their `Stourbridge Lion” series.
The range grew to seven kits and a full range of nameplates before other interests diverted attention from the narrow gauge scene.
In 2010 Peter decided to retire and sold the complete Agenoria range. The range ended up with three different homes as the different scale kits ended up with specialist traders in the relevant scale.

EDM Models were delighted to be offered first refusal on the narrow gauge kits and, of course, snapped them up.

Future Plans

The longer term intention is to refresh each kit with currently available motors, gears and wheels and to redesign them with proper working outside frame chassis with some simple springing but we’re only just getting started on that.


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