As I have said elsewhere EDM Models is just me and two unhelpfull cats with help from Annie and, at shows, friends. I can’t do everything at once and I can’t do it instantly.  I don’t offer a next day service although it is in my interests to get orders filled as soon a possible.  If you need something in a desperate hurry phone and I’ll see if anything can be done.

New Website

Scary to think the old site was started in a program called Frontpage, even before it became Frontpage 2000, so its replacement is long overdue. To customers used to the old site the new one will take a bit of gettting used to but to someone used to the majority of e-commerce sites out there it’ll be second nature.  The change of site, change of payment methods and many new security rules does result in some difference to the way orders are handled in the new site and these may well evolve over time as we get the hang of the new working methods.

In stock/Out of stock items

It might seem odd to group these together but read on.  The new website shows stock levels and its also linked to our counter sales at shows so it will show you we have the item and if we are getting short of the item. If it says we have one the site will let you place an order. If we haven’t got any left the basic setting is that it won’t let you order one.


There will be a few exceptions to the simple set up above

  • Allowing you to order stuff we havent got.

Where we have regular stock items with new stock arriving or where we know we can get it we will allow you to order it and then we’ll supply it as soon as the stock arrives.

  • Ordering items we’re going to get for you

Take for example Banta Models Kits. They make a much larger range than we can keep in stock but we have always made the offer that we’d get them for you. We can roughly estimate the cost throught exchange rates and import duties (stupid comments from Prime Ministers/Presidents notwithstanding) and will set a UK price that allows you to buy the item from our website and we will then add the kit to our regular Banta order and supply it when it arrives. This can take six to eight weeks, we’ll let you know if its going to be longer.  The price deal on these sales is this: – If we get it for significantly less we’ll refund some of your money, conversely if it costs us a lot more we will have to pass on at least some of that cost or cancel the sale.

If we are getting items for you then that is a commitment to purchase. If we have taken payment for a particular item because we are getting it for you the order cannot be cancelled or, if it is, the payment is not refundable

  • Ordering items we’re going to make for you

Where an item is made or customised to your order the site will let you order it, take your money and that is a commitment to purchase. There are no order cancellation, refund or returns allowed on these items in much the same way that you could try to get a refund on a fitted kitchen halfway through it being installed.  Typical timescale for delivery of these orders is 30 days, we’ll let you know if its going to be different.    The products most likely to be part of this arrangement are going to be the Port Wynnstay range at they return to production

  • Preordering items coming into stock (2 versions)

This may well be the most fluid part of the arrangenent as we get to grips with the best way to do it. If it changes to affect and order you have already placed we’ll let you know.

Type 1 – where we have a pre-order for a product where we know and trust the timescale and can come up with a good estimate of the price you will be able to order the item at the listed price and your card will be charged and we’ll supply the items when they arrive.  If we get the item for less than we estimated we’ll make a refund to your card or offer a credit on future purchases. If we got it wrong in the other direction we reserve the right to pass on some of that cost or cancel the sale.

Type 2 – for  higher value items or items with a longer timescale we may ask you to pay a deposit with a balance to be paid by invoice prior to delivery. We will use our best efforts to estimate what the full price might be but with the longer horizons involved this may not be as accurate and may be refined as delivery nears.

This last option is applies to the sort of projects that are produced in limited numbers where the manufacturer seeks advance orders to determine the productions runs. They are looking for commitment and, if i take your order to pass on to them I too am looking for some commitement.  As I type this I can almost hear someone saying “XYZ does reservations without a deposit” My answer is go order it from them then. Please consider this is my money I am gambling not some corportate millions.