Low Temperature Silver Bearing Solder


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For soldering electronics Kester’s Electronic Silver Solder is our choice:

  • A low-temperature solder for minimal thermal shock to our products.
  • Alloy composition for good flow and bonding to copper, brass, and nickel-silver materials, and gold, silver, or tin plated contacts and solder pads.
  • Small wire solder diameter with rosin flux core.

It has a unique blend of 62% tin, 36% lead, and 2% silver alloy with a rosin flux core. The .020″ diameter is well-suited for close part spacing and small surface-mounted components. Its very low melting point of 179 -189°C (354 – 372°F) makes it ideal for soldering our LEDs and an excellent choice for other heat-sensitive components like DCC decoders.