145′ Solder


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145′ Solder

This solder is the basic solder I use, and would recommend for use, with all our etched kits.

Combined with Fry’s Powerflow Flux (get it at a DIY store) it makes soldering really easy. If you are learning, then this is the solder to start with. As you get more proficient and move on to more complex kits other solders with different temperatures will give you added flexibility, but you can do about 95% of even the more complex kits with this.

Just one reminder. If you use the Powerflow flux wash you model at the end of each modelling session if not more regularly. Do that and it washes off in hot water like butter of a knife. You can add some chemistry buy using CIF or Shiny Sinks which further neutralises it. Don’t put off the wash to tomorrow or you will need chisels and scrapers to get it off.


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