FMW – Cosmetic Fishplates – Code 83 Rail


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FMW – 4003

Cosmetic Fishplates – Code 83 Rail

Commonly used on this rail size into the early 20th century in new construction, then common on older or re-laid rail, these flat plates were used to connect rail sections together. This set fits code 70 rail and is meant to be installed in pairs; bolt heads on the inside, nuts on the outside. Excellent for use on hand laid rail where extra detail is desired on visible, foreground track. Cosmetic only. Suitable for use in any gauge in O scale (O, On3, On30, On2, etc.).

Code 83 Fishplates:

This parts set includes 5 code 83 fishplate sprues, enough to simulate 40 rail joints.


Manufacturer FMW
Scale 1:48
Material Plastic






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Foothill Model Works

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