Blue Point – Flex Link Starter Pack


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Flex Link Kits & Parts give you everything you need to connect your Blue Point™ turnout controller to a knob on the fascia, even if your Blue Point™ isn’t aligned at a right angle to the fascia.

Flex Link™ Starter Kit   # 40022

The starter kit contains everything you need for one Blue Point™:

  • 1ea knob, pre-drilled
  • 1ea 2-56 screw & washer to attach the knob to the inner tube
  • 1ea 3 ft Flex Link™ tube (contains both an inner and outer tube)
  • 2ea tube clamps with screws, anchors the outer tube at each end
  • 1ea steel bracket to hold the outer tube at the Blue Point™ end
  • 1ea 2-56 threaded rod and clevis to attach inner tube to Blue Point™.
  • We’ve designed this kit so you can try out the Flex Link™.


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