Decals – On3 C&S/RGS Composite Frame Refrigerator Car Button Herald


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On3 C&S/RGS Composite Frame Refrigerator Car Button Herald

This decal set is intended to cover all the variations of the Button Herald paint scheme applied to the C&S’s 30′ composite frame refrigerator cars. The Button Herald paint scheme began to be applied to the C&S’s rolling stock around 1920, with most cars getting repainted in the late 1920’s.

This decal set also covers the lettering for the RGS’s 30′ composite frame refrigerator car #2101. While there is no photographic evidence that the other two cars the RGS acquired from the C&S were ever painted and used as refrigerators, we have included extra numbers for “2102” and “2103,” should such evidence ever appear.

This decal set will letter one car for the C&S (Button Herald paint scheme) and one car for the RGS.

These are WaterSlide Transfers. They are best applied with Softening and Setting Solutions


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