Timber Titans: Baldwin’s Articulated Logging Locomotives


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Timber Titans: Baldwin’s Articulated Logging Locomotives

by Martin E. Hansen, Steve Hauff, and Dale Sanders

Between 1909 and 1937, the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, produced 44 specialized locomotives that were either built for, or later transitioned to, the rigors of hauling raw logs on railroads where the grades were steep and the curves many. While all of these locomotives were built as articulateds they varied greatly in design and appearance. Most were built as compound articulateds (Mallets) but two companies, Weyerhaeuser Timber Company and the Uintah Railway, received simple articulateds. Water carrying methods were also wide-ranging. While most were built as tank locomotives others were constructed more conventionally equipped with a separate tender. Furthering the variations from as-built configurations, several of the tank locomotives were later converted by removing the side or semi-saddle tanks and adding a conventional tender. While most of the logging articulateds toiled away in relative obscurity, several gained notoriety for their well-traveled longevity. Remarkably, ten of the locomotives have survived and several of those remain active over a century after their construction.

Thirty years in the making, Timber Titans tells the complete story of these fascinating logging locomotives. Presented in construction number order, the articulateds are covered individually in great detail with statistics and full histories that document each locomotive from the day they left Baldwin¹s sprawling Eddystone, Pennsylvania, factory to their ultimate disposition. Beyond the exhaustively researched text, the highlights of this 256-page volume are the 455 black and white and color photographs that have been painstakingly restored to their original appearance. All have been reproduced in high resolution with many presented full page. Additionally, two full-color drawings, four three-dimensional renderings, and an original oil painting for the cover, were all commissioned specifically for Timber Titans: Baldwin¹s Articulated Logging Locomotives.

  • Table of Contents:

  • Marketing Department
  • The Competition
  • Exported Cousins
  • The Timber Titans
  • Mechanical Minutia
  • Paint and Style
  • Titan Tabulation
  • Titan Territory


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