Sound Installation Kit for the Heljan L&B MW 2-6-2T


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Sound Installation Kit for the Heljan L&B Manning Wardle 2-6-2T

I know its been a long time coming but at last the sounds for the L&B Manning Wardle in 009 is ready. Some of the reasons for the delay are covered on my blog. Have a read if you are interested, here.

This is going to sound like a backwards sales pitch but before you buy this kit you need to know that it is pretty invasive on what it proving to be a fragile model if you believe all the blogs. There will be a link here to installation instructions.   There are also some notes below on versions as that is pertinent to how much of a job it is.

The Sound Project

The sound project for this loco was recorded using Lyd on the Festiniog Raillway with Paul Chetter (on the right) doing the recording and with me driving. The engine had three fixed microphones on it (yes, the one by the chimney survived Garnedd Tunnel) and an additional roving one to capture other incidental sounds.

Paul has mastered the sound project to make full use of the capabilites of ZIMO decoders with some features new for this project.

  • Reverser Feature – Allows you to manually notch up and soften the exhaust as it accelerates (more than it does automatically)
  • Heavy/Light Mode – different sound for light engines and heavy trains
  • Dynamic Inertia – linked with the light/heavy option the coast, brake and acceleration effects vary.
  • Driver controlled brakes on F2 – You’re in control of the brakes. Shut the regulator it will coast, you dab the brakes for controlled stops or press and hold for an emergency stop
  • Live Volume Control
  • Enhanced Sound Features – Flange Squeal and Buffering & Coupling sounds on/off by F keys with sounds played varied with speed
  • Two whistles – with switcheable reverb

The ejector is on a F button but should be on nearly all the time the loco is moving as the engines are vacuum brake only. Going to move, turn the ejector on. About the only time it’d be moved without is putting it in the shed on its own at night.  Also current practice is you will rarely hear the shrieky high pitched whistle unless the other one is broken [at the 2018 L&B gala I had to use it all the time as the valve on the other one fell to bits]

What is in the kit?

  • ZIMO MX659n18 Decoder programmed with Paul Chetter L&B Sound project recorded from Lyd on the Festiniog Railway
  • D&H Next 18 connection interface board
  • ZIMO SACC16 Keep alive board
  • Capacitors to mount on the SACC16 and around the loco
  • ZIMO sugar cube speaker
  • Kapton Tape and Wires
  • Comprehensive guidance notes and experience based advice on the install

Which Version Do You Have?

Its hard to spot unless you take the body off. Once you have its becomes obvious

The top one is a Mk1. Not the worm covered by a die casting and the side castings being continuous.


The Lower one is a Mk2 with exposed worm and reduced cast weights


EDM Models

Additional information




Next 18