Snailbeach Style Hoppers – Long Rounded End Body – 3 Pack


Out of stock


Than you to everyone who bought this model – it is now sold out & discontinued.

Apologies to anyone looking as a result of our magazine adverts with the offer price shown. These adverts have to be created weeks before they appear in print and in this case the remaining stock sold before the adverts appeared.

As our first printed wagon we have learnt a lot in the process that improve the prints. We also learnt quite a few lessons of the “don’t do it like that” sort. Whilst it was our intention to produce this wagon on four varients (I suppose it still is – read on) its time to withdraw this print.  Future revised prints will see the wagons return in several varients. Don’t worry though, these wagons aren’t in anyway duff, the majority of the revisions are to do with the printing set up to make better use of the print space, use less resin or take less time to print. What the changes really mean is that we now understand the CAD for print better and are more familiar with our printer.


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