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Now a very rare this kit for a D&RGW 6200 series flat car is a multimedia limited edition model. This kit consists of a mix of injection moulded parts from San Juan Car Co & Grandt Line, 3D printed parts, a resin body and laser cut deck. It includes San Juan rtr trucks and San Juan Decals.

Instructions & Prototype History

You can download a scan of the car history included in the kit here 6200 Flat Car – History

You can also download scans of the instructions here 6200 Flat Car – Instructions

History of the kit

This kit was produced by Dan Peterson in collaboration with others at a time when Dan owned and ran San Juan Decals shortly before he passed away. The kit was produced in very limited numbers with most being sold directly and not through dealers. Since Dan’s passing the decals part of the business was aquired by San Juan Car Co but they have not re-run these kits.

Given the limited production run, mostly presold, they are packed in a plain box which doesn’t really advertise the product which is probably why I have some left as the box just doesn’t catch the eye of passing shoppers.  I am keeping a couple for my own layout and offering the others for sale.


San Juan Decals

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