Kit No: SL3. Alice Class with a cab Hunslet 0-4-0ST


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Kit No: SL3. Alice Class with a cab Hunslet 0-4-0ST

The kit requires wheels, gears and motor to complete [at the moment we cannot supply these]

You can download the instructions here… SL3 Cabbed Quarry Hunslet – EDM Revised Instructions

The ‘Alice’ class, named after the second locomotive of the series supplied to the Dinorwic Quarries, was a 7″ (cylinder diameter) loco designed by Hunslet and proved to be very popular with many North Wales quarry owners. All the Dinorwic ‘Alice’ class locos were supplied new without enclosed cabs, except HE 823/03 (‘Irish Mail’). The latter’s cab was believed to have been removed immediately on delivery. However, in quarries where the headroom in the tunnels was sufficiently generous, for example Pen-yrOrsedd quarry, locos with enclosed cabs were utilised.
Many of the preserved ‘Alice’ class Hunslets, that were cab-less in their working days, are currently operating on preserved lines and fitted with cabs similar in style to those carried by the cabbed locos in their former days. The locos originally had riveted tanks, but in preservation welded tanks have been fitted. At least one loco,
‘Irish Mail’, acquired welded tanks in its working days. Sandboxes were fitted initially to the locos but were not particularly successful. In some cases, they were left on and not working, or, in other cases, simply removed. The whistle was located in a different at position different times. While working the whistle was fitted on the right-hand side of the roof adjacent to the safety valve holes. In preservation the locos have
the whistle on the front cab sheet in between the spectacles.
As mentioned above, included in the kit are all components to enable models of different members of the class to be built. Alternatively, you can pick and mix.

The principal locos that can be made from this kit include:

Needed to complete are……..

  • 2 Romford extended axles (for either 14mm or 16.5mm)
  • 2 Romford 12.5mm insulated wheels (RP25)
  • 2 Romford 12.5mm plain wheels (RP25);
  • Paxolin (copper clad) plus brass or nickel silver wire
  • Mashima 1220 motor
  • Ultrascale 38:1 gears or Markits gears

(alternatively use 4 Romford 12.5mm insulated wheels (RP25l with pick-ups wired on both sides of the chassis.)

Kit History

The Agenoria Narrow Gauge range of kits was created by Peter Stamper and Jonathon Matthews and released under their `Stourbridge Lion” series.
The range grew to seven kits and a full range of nameplates before other interests diverted attention from the narrow gauge scene.
In 2010 Peter decided to retire and sold the complete Agenoria range. The range ended up with three different homes as the different scale kits ended up with specialist traders in the relevant scale.

EDM Models were delighted to be offered first refusal on the narrow gauge kits and, of course, snapped them up.

Future Plans

The longer term intention is to refresh each kit with currently available motors, gears and wheels and to redesign them with proper working outside frame chassis with some simple springing but we’re only just getting started on that.


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