Freight Car Handbook


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reight cars make up the majority of rolling stock in North America. There are literally thousands of car designs and dozens of car types. This book is your gateway to some of these cars. Whether you are researching a particular car type, looking for a scratchbuilding project, or just love rolling stock drawings, this book is for you. Included are hundreds of elevations, details, and plans carefully recreated by some of Railroad Model Craftsman’s best draftsmen. All eras are represented in clear and accurate renderings. Both black and white and color is represented with the latter type showing complete car painting and lettering designs.



  1. Autoracks
  2. Boxcars
  3. Flatcars
  4. Hoppers & Gondolas
  5. MoW Cars
  6. Piggyback Cars
  7. Reefers
  8. Steel Coil Cars
  9. Stock Cars
  10. Tank Cars


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