FMW – On3 Wooden Brake Beams, in Injection Molded Styrene


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Injection Moulded Plastic Detail Parts  –  On3 Wooden Brake Beams, in Injection Molded Styrene

The first part in Foothill Model Works’ transition to styrene injection molded kits is this set of wooden brake beams. Based on measurements of a WSLCo. Camp Niagra camp car’s wooden brake beam, this incredible accurate, highly detailed part fills in one of the last remaining missing detail parts of a West Coast arch bar truck – the brake beams. The detail has to be seen to be believed, in fact, you might even need a magnifying glass (Check out the Cotter Pin holding the brake shoe mounting rod in place)! Rest assured though, their styrene construction means they’re durable enough for day to day operations on your layout. One look and we’re sure you’ll agree, you won’t be satisfied without them anymore!

This set of high quality, On3Styrene castings features the following:

  • Made of easy to assemble and paint styrene.
  • Incredible detail and accuracy.
  • Suitable for several railroads, including the WSLCo., SPC, NPC and many other western railroads.
  • Fits a number of different MacLeod Western and Simpson trucks.
  • Easy to follow, photographic instructions by FMW.

Want to use them in On30? Just use our special On30b, On30 wheel sets on On3 length axles and no one will know the difference! (T-12 with On3 bolster and FMW-4011-On30b 26″ wheels on the left; T-11 with On3 bolster and FMW-4011-On3 26″ wheels on the righ

This set of castings includes all the styrene castings required to complete one set of brake beams for one pair of trucks

Manufacturer FMW
Scale 1:48
Material Plastic






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Foothill Model Works

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