FMW Washburn Wheel 24″ Diameter 0n3


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FMW Washburn Wheel 24″ Diameter 0n3 Gauge

Axle Length  1.165″ 29.6mm
Back to Back 0.566″ 14.38mm
End Diameter 0.625″ 1.6mm





American Car & Foundry, 24″ “Washburn” Pattern, Chilled Iron Wheels (in Celcon®):

Scale, Griffin Wheel Co., 24″ or 26″ wheels! And we do mean scale (O Scale to be exact, gauge to be determined by axle length, just like the real thing). These are very accurate copies of their 1920’s, 26″ single plate, chilled iron wheels as ordered for and used on the West Side Lumber Co. These wheels are based on exacting measurements of those preserved in the Roaring Camp & Big Trees collection in Felton, California.

Works in D&RGW trucks too! While the vast majority of the D&RGW’s wheels were Griffin 26″ Washburn pattern wheels, they existed for so long and had so many cars, that you can find examples of just about every kind of wheel. Including paper, single plate, and even turned steel wheels. Though they obviously got their wheels from the Denver plant, not the Tacoma plant.

Produced in a bright, metal-like color, these wheels are cast in Celcon®; a high strength, wear resistant acetal copolymer similar to Delrin®. Unlike the styrene wheels of old, these wheels don’t pick up any more dirt than metal wheels, roll just as freely as metal wheels, and are much quieter to boot.

These wheel sets include four axle sets in the following gauges. Recommended for use in Grandt Line Products, MacLeod Western, and most brass and white metal trucks. Not recommended for use in San Juan Car Co. trucks or any truck that uses pointed axles. All sales of custom axles are final and are non-returnable/non-refundable.


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