#5 (NO.5®) Metal Couplers – Medium Centerset


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#5 (NO.5®) Metal Couplers – Medium Centerset

his industry leading coupler features an all metal standard coupler, and #634 standard centering spring and comes complete with and insulated draft gearbox and lid. The NO.5® Magne-Matic® Metal Coupler may be mounted with the included #232 Gearbox or with other manufacturers cast-on coupler pockets.

The 148 Whisker® Coupler is equivalent to the NO.5® Metal Coupler.

It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gearbox to avoid possible electrical crossover and shorting that may cause damage. Use the provided insulated gearbox or insulated #28 coupler.

Refer to our helpful Coupler Conversion Charts to determine the appropriate coupler to use on your model.

NO.5® Standard Coupler Instructions

Two pair per package

Bulk Packs of #5 (NO.5®) Metal Couplers without gearboxes

Package Includes:

  • (2) Pair NO.5® Metal Couplers – Medium Centerset Shank
  • (2) Pair #634 Centering Spring NO.5® Style
  • (2) Pair #232 Gearboxes
  • (2) #622 Knuckle Springs


NO.5® Metal Coupler Features:
Material  –   Metal
Shank Length  –   Medium (9/32″) (center hole to back of coupler head)
Coupler Offset  –   Centerset
Knuckle Spring  –   #622
Centering System  –   Standard Shank
Centering Spring  –   #634 Centering Spring NO.5® Style
Head  –   Standard Head
Works In Place of  –   #58, #28, #118, #119, #148, #158, most medium centerset “clone” couplers
Works With  –   #213, #232, #234, #242, most manufacturer cast-on draft gearboxes


#232 Plastic Draft Gearboxes & Lids Features:
Material  –   Insulated Plastic
Dimensions  –   29/64″L x 19/64″W x 7/64″H
Works With  –   NO.5®, #58, 20-Series and all Whisker® Couplers


Mounting Specifications:
Mounting Height  –   29/64″
Centerline  –   25/64″
Trip Pin Height  –   1/32″
Center Hole  –   2-56 Insulated Screws are the most commonly used. (Screw length will vary)
Side Holes  –   0-48 Self-Tapping or 0-80 Machine Screws. (Screw length will vary)






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