XMas Opening

Mostly Closed from Saturday 21st December until Thursday 2nd January

Please allow me to explain that in a bit more detail……….

Contact by Phone:

As many of you know EDM Models / NG Trains is a one man show and as such I can’t be by the phone or at home all the time. Usually that means I just call you back later but for the period above that isn’t going to happen as I need a break. You will get the answering machine up to the point its full and standing and it will probably advise you to call back on the 2nd.

Contact by e-mail:

I wish I had the resolve to say much the same as above but inevitably I’ll look at e-mails and may be motivated to answer to prevent a backlog building up.


The website will still take orders and at unpredictable intervals across the break I may well process and ship the ones I can (again, its backlog avoidance) doing the balance on the 2nd

Whilst we will be out and about for family, friends and social events I have a cunning plan to get some modelling done for me and to get a piece of equipment in the workshop commissioned that will bring some interesting new products in the new year. I hope you all get some modelling done and have a very happy Christmas