Testors Dullcote Spray – Single Can


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Testors Dullcote Spray – Single Can

This spray flat lacquer is the best there is! I use it on all the engines I paint and weather. All lacquers will dull down chalk weathering but this does it least.

 Its not cheap but it is the best there is.

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This stuff is about to get rarer than Rocking Horse poo. Testors have stopped international sales so the stock in the UK is all there is now. This is probably my last lot.

Tips for Use

  • Warm it up – it needs to be at room temperature, or slightly warmer, I put it in the warm cabinet is use for drying paints
  • Shake it well. When you think your arm is about to fall off. Change hands and shake it some more
  • Don’t spray it directly at the model. Sort of drift it at it so it lands like soft rain.
  • Apply light coats. You can always add more.

The solvent in the spray will, in concentration, affect the base of both oil and cellulose based paints, bit only if you apply it really wet which will be messing the job up in so many other ways you shouldn’t be doing it.   If you waft it on as a mist that gently falls on the model its virtually dry before it lands. Its much better to apply many very light coats from different angles to ensure a light but overall coverage