Slaters – 16mm Scale – WDLR K Class Skip Wagon


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Slaters – 16mm Scale – WDLR K Class Skip Wagon

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The side-tipping “skip” wagon with the characteristic V shape body did not originate during the Great War, but during that conflict, Robert Hudson of Leeds built large numbers of wagons with ¾ cubic yard and 1 cubic yard capacities. The smaller one was most common and is what is represented by this kit. Hudson built them to a new design incorporating pressed steel headstocks and body support, with channel section side frames and the very distinctive “bulls horn” body catch brackets.

Many of these wagons were undoubtedly destroyed during the war, but plenty survived to enter industrial service afterwards. At the time of writing, only two are known to survive (neither of them complete), but there may be others waiting to be discovered.


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