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Narrow Gauge and Industrial Revue – Standing Order Offer

Annual subscriptions are available with a lump sum `up front’ payment from the publisher so we’d like to offer something a little different.

Place a standing order with us for a minimum of a year and we’ll send you each issue post free (UK only, elsewhere at cost) and charge your card the cover price as each issue is published. So that would be £5.95 quarterly at the current cover price (June 2019)

More Information

This offer started out in one of our newsletters with the phrase….

Anyone interested in…………………..placing a regular order for NG&I through EDM Models?

The aim is to supply a regular copy of each issue of NG&I as it is published without you having to make the up-front commitment for an annual subscription with the incentive of it being sent to you post free.

What’s in it for you?

  • You get your magazine for the cover price and post free [UK only, Elsewhere at cost] sent just a day or so after the subscription copies go out. You also get to pay for each issue instead of the lump sum of a subscription.

What’s in it for me?

  • Well, to stock the magazine at all I need to build up a minimum order for each issue to make it viable. This offer is aimed at doing that.
  • The idea is that I need to build up the order for each issue to more than 25 for it to be sustainable. If that isn’t achieved as a minimum I may not stock it at all. It works like this, the publisher sends 25 or more copies out to the trade at a discount and post free. Below 25 the postage is at cost. Whilst I am paying postage the profit on each copy is less than ten pence. (And to be honest not worth me bothering with). Crack the post free barrier and it becomes worthwhile.
  • If you place a standing order the following will happen: –
  • Your card details will be held on file (securely) until the next issue is due. You will not be charged anything until then despite what the shopping cart tells you (it’s pretty dumb really) Just prior to each issue I will e-mail you to warn you it’s coming and to ask if there is anything else I can send you at the same time. (postage will be due on any additional items ordered)
  • Your subscription will start with the next issue. Current and some previous issues are available on the website.

In return I ask the following from you

  • Please commit to at least four issues. Less is hardly a standing order is it?
  • Please pay with a card that has a long expiry date
  • Please use a debit card if you can (keeps the costs down)
  • At the checkout if it gives you an option to save your card details. You must do this or I can’t send future issues
  • Please let me know if your card changes