Nano-Oil – 10 weight Nano Oil


Superior Lubrication

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Contents – One 8cc Syringe of 10wt Nano Oil

Nano Oils and Grease are now the only lubricants I use on my models. On customers models in for work they get cleaned and relubed with Nano Oil. Gearboxes get the old grease cleaned out and replaced by Nano Grease.

Seriously, this stuff is brilliant if, how shall I put it, reassuringly expensive.  Read the piece on my Blog here for the full story but here is an extract…….

In use they make all the difference to the Bachmann 0n30 Shay. Motor current demand drops, the cogging feel you get in the drive shaft when you turn it by hand disappears suggesting the forces that caused the cracking gears have also dropped. In the Ixion models I do sound installs on the motor current also falls but the already excellent slow running also improves.

Here is a trick:-

The 85 weight oil is great on gears and the like but it can be difficult to get it to penetrate hard to get to areas. Apply a small amount of 5 weight first, give it a few minutes to seep in and then add some 85 which will now follow it in and get to all the places you want it to go


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