Decals – On3 UTLX Union Tank Car Co. “GRAMPS”.


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On3 UTLX Union Tank Car Co. “GRAMPS”.

Narrow Frame Tank cars:

The narrow frame tank cars were converted from standard gauge to narrow gauge between 1924 and 1930. The original numbers were 12757 to 13170. In 1947, the cars were renumbered between 88000 and 88131. In 1956, the cars were again renumbered between 11000 and 11033.

The lettering diagrams on the following page depict three examples of inside frame tank cars. The modeler is advised to consult photographs of the particular car they are modeling for the correct lettering and placement.

Frameless Tank Cars:

The frameless tank cars were converted from standard gauge in the 1930’s. The original numbers were 55000 to 55999 and 57400 to 59999. The 1947 renumbering, based on heater types, ranged between 88152 and 88168. The cars were renumbered again in 1956 and ranged from 11034 and 11058. Sometime in the 1940’s Lafayette “GRAMPS” Hughes leased a number of the frameless tank cars. At which time the large “GRAMPS” lettering appeared on the sides of the cars, so that his grandchildren could see which tank cars were his.

The Union Tank Car Co. cars and the cars leased by Hughes all seemed to have numerous minor lettering differences. We have given you four different versions of the lettering on the decal sheet, along with several variations in end lettering, in an attempt to cover most of the cars. We strongly suggest that you examine pictures of the specific cars you wish to model, as the exact specifications of some of these cars are still open to debate.

Suggested References:

A Century + Ten Of D&RGW Narrow Gauge Freight Cars, 1871 To 1981, 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged. By Robert E. Sloan, BHI Publications, O’Fallon, MO, 2000, 2008. An excellent source of history, pictures, drawings and tables of information.

Narrow Gauge Pictorial, Volume IV, Edited by Robert L. Grandt, 1985. A great source for pictures and information.!



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