DCC Throttle Holder


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Ever been operating your layout, wanted to put the DCC Handset down and been stuck for somewhere to put it?

In my experience it ends up on the layout, dangling from a trestle, balanced on a control panel as delaying tactics before it plummets to the floor. This 3D printed holder solves that. Screwed to the side of the layout they hold the throttle and keep the cable tidy.

They can also be fixed with Velcro if you need to remove them from an exhibition layout to transport it.

These are 3D printed to order and can take 10 days to deliver.

Two colours are offered, Grey £12.50 available now and Black £11.50 subject to a few order for black.

The price difference is a short term offer to encourage a few orders for black so I can get the printer set up for doing black knowing there are a few orders in the bag. There is a full explanation of this deal in my latest newsletter.



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