Darjeeling Railway Sharp Stewart B Class


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Darjeeling Railway Sharp Stewart B Class 0-4-0 ST

A complete kit including

  • Etched in Nickel Silver, with a brass detailing fret
  • Wheels, gears, motor
  • Boiler supplied rolled
  • Can be built for 14mm or 16.5mm Gauge
  • All brass castings.
  • Chassis is sprung on all axles.
  • Full instructions, diagrams & photo’s on a CD.

* The last four kits from the current batch are supplied without a motor as we can’t get any more Mashima 1624 motors with Mashima having closed. High Level Kits and Taff Vale Models have alternative motors.  This may be the last batch of this kit we do as there are several other parts that are now unavailable

Just add solder, glue, paint and about 150 hours


This is one of our kits that are produced in batches. Batch size is based around the multiples of parts on sheets of etch. We can’t always keep these in stock constantly as its difficult to predict sales. Having them on the shelf ties up a lot of money.

Orders are being taken now.

Details and Instructions

Instructions, more images and other build information will shortly be added to our blog as it is retrieved from our old website and tidied up


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14mm, 16.5mm