Airbrush Holders


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Ever been using an airbrush and needed to put it down?

At that point you discover how unstable it is, how difficult it is to wedge it anywhere and just how much it likes to fall over and spill the paint.

This pair of 3D printed holders are designed to be screwed to a desk or a bracket made by you that can be clamped to a worktable.

These are 3D printed to order and can take 10 days to deliver.

Two colours are offered, Grey £7.20 available now and Black £6.75 subject to a few order for black.

The price difference is a short term offer to encourage a few orders for black so I can get the printer set up for doing black knowing there are a few orders in the bag. There is a full explanation of this deal in my latest newsletter.

I’ll be honest and admit that I had a similar commercial product that I made mistake of clamping too close to the edge of my desk where the swivel chair was able to do an excellent job of wiping them out. My new 3D printed ones are mounted at the back of the painting desk now.




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