MAITEN SHOPS -  2nd class coach kit    

MAITEN SHOPS -  1st class coach kit    



Unfortunately These Kits are temporarily unavailable. We are trying to move to manufacturing them in the UK having lost the original source

MAITEN SHOPS is an endeavour to bring part of history, through scale models of everything that makes the legendary Old Patagonian Express is unique in these times.

MAITEN SHOPS produces kits in fibrofacil of 1mm thickness cut with laser technology. Kits include instructions complete with images 3D, planes, groups, windows cut in acrylic laser of 1mm, steel rods for railings and banister rails. For the ceiling an overlay wood plate is enclosed. The interiors include seats, trunks, salamander and box for firewood.


fully printed instructions are included in the kits but you can download them here for an advanced view

Instruction P1 Instruction P2 Instruction P3 Instruction P4 Instruction P5 Instruction P6 Instruction P6 Instruction P7 Instruction P8

We know of two kits being built with a different assembly order and some additional features. They will be featured here when they're done