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NGTrains is a full authorised ZIMO dealer and can supply any of the ZIMO range of decoders to order. At this time we are only listing ZIMO decoders featuring our custom sound projects in a range of versions from decoder and sound only through to full installation kits for particular models.

A lot more detail, decoders and accessories will be listed on our new site currently in preparation




Installation Kits        
  Sorry to dissapoint but following issues with customers making a mess of their installation by not following the instructions and then expecting me to put it right at no cost I have decided not to supply this full installation kit for speaker and keep alive      


Decoders Only   MX645R MX648R
  Z10 Fowler Sound - Donkey Engine Start & Air Horn
  Z11 Fowler Sound - Donkey Engine Start & Klaxson
  Z12 Fowler Sound - Electric Start & Air Horn
  Z13 Fowler Sound - Electric Start & Klaxson
ZIMO MX645R Decoder only with Peckett E Class Sound Project Installed

Includes a ZIMO MX645R decoder with our Peckett E Class Sound project installed on it. Driving notes are included.


Peckett E Class DCC/Sound Installation Kit

The installation kit features a ZIMO MX645R sound decoder with the Peckett E Class sound project installed, Speaker, Custom made Keep Alive, Installation Kit and full installation instructions, driving notes and function reminder.

You will need to supply a small amount of insulation tape and about 30 minutes of your time



Peckett E Class locos complete with sound installed are available to order here RtR Sound Loco's We are trying to keep converted locos in stock but as fast as we do them they are selling at the moment. We also aim to offer customised and weathered version in the future


The sounds are in the can. Lyd was recorded last September. All we need now is a Heljan Model to do the pilot sound install to and to set up the sounds and motor control. We're in the queue for loco's the same as the rest of you.

We’ll be doing sound install, a sound install kit and just the decoder but until we get a model to play with we can’t reveal any details of which decoder, which speaker or how to fit it.

I have loco’s on order in two places so I can only hope we’ll get them promptly as soon as they’re available.

Until we get a loco so we can finalise the installation we can’t fix the price but it I am estimating the decoder only at around £110, a full installation kit will be around £140 and us doing it for you at around £190 (these are subject to change - up or down)


If you would like to register interest in decoders, kits or installs please do so by placing a dummy order below.

ZIMO Sound Decoder for the L&B 2-6-2
Sound install kit (decoder/speaker/connectors and instructions)
Sound Install in your loco

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