Whistle Valves

Thank you for finding this page

Unfortunately you are too late. Yes we did sell full size whistle valves but since the start of 2014 we have ceased to do so having run our stock down to virtually nil. Any remaining valves will be sold on EBay so please don't e-mail us with "have you got an XYZ valve"

We started selling the valves having had need of a couple for our own use and finding no one else selling them in the UK. We imported them in bulk quantities and for a few years sold them to the UK steam set. At one time we also had a tie in with a whistle manufacturer.

We imported them from United Brass in the USA and had to buy several thousand pounds worth at a time which is more capital than we want to tie up in something that isn't part of our core business. Added to that there is now another company in the UK selling them (for quite a lot more than we did) with more of a focus and presence in the relevant field our sales have slowed to an unsustainable level.

We had two choices: -

  1. Invest and tie up a lot of capital in restocking and spend a lot of money and effort on advertising in areas we don't normally advertise in or
  2. Sell off the remaining stock and get out of whistle valve sales.

As whistle valves is a misfit with the rest of our business option 2 was chosen and we no longer sell whistle valves. If you are a returning customer I thank you for your previous orders and wish you luck in finding the other UK source. Please don't e-mail to ask what the other source is as I draw the line at advertising the competitor that prompted our decision to drop sales of whistle valves