Sound Synchronisation

Contact Free sound synchronisation with our new synchronising disc
Key Features
  • Non contact

  • No wheel disassembly (with the split or clip disc option)

  • No contamination with dirt

  • Easy to set up

UP a Level Clip Disc Versions
  Using 3D printing technology this new version has been designed to be a press and clip fit on the axle. A growing range of axles sizes are covered. These only cover 2 cylinder engines where four chuffs per revolution are needed.

The disc comes assembled with the magnets in place and then is just pushed onto the axle until it clips into place. If a very tight fit the slot in the disc may just need a wipe with a file as there are slight variances in both the 3D printing and in axle diameters.
Clip On Synch Disc For 3mm axles 10.00
Clip On Synch Disc For 3.3mm dia axles (1/8") 10.00
Fits standard UK 4mm scale axles such as Romford & Markits
Clip On Synch Disc For 4mm axles 10.00
Suits loco's such as MMI On3 & On30 loco's
Clip On Synch Disc-4.5 For 4.5mm diameter axles 10.00
to suit San Cheng/Tower/Bachmann & Finescale Brass 0 gauge loco's
Clip On Synch Disc For 3/16" axles 10.00
to suit standard UK 0 gauge axles
Clip On Synch Disc For 5mm axles 12.50
to suit some far eastern brass loco's
  Solid Disc Versions
  These have recently been introduced to suit 0 gauge models using the standard 3/16" axles. The discs are solid and come with the magnets already mounted ready for the disc to be slid onto the axle as the wheelset is assembled. The first two are standard evenly spaced discs for 2 and 3 cylinder loco's, effectively ex works with even exhaust beats. The last unit is for a 3 cylinder loco with distinctly worn valve gear. The first one was done for a customer making "tired" Bullied Pacifics.
Solid Synch Disc for 3/16" Axles 2 Cylinder Loco's 10.00
Solid Synch Disc for 3/16" Axles 3 Cylinder Loco's 10.00
Solid Synch Disc for 3/16" Axles 3 Cylinder Loco's, off beat 10.00
If you are using the ESU sound chips you may have to tell the chip to use 2 pulses to equal on chuff. It would appear that these decoders see the opening and then closing of the reed switch as seperate pulses whilst others see it as a single pulse. If you leave it you will have a 4cylinder engine (could be useful) or a 6 cylinder one (a rare protoytpe?)

A better way of doing a four cylinder engine is to use the 2 cylinder cam setting and add a second reed switch connected in parallel with the first but located 45' further round the discs circumference
UP a Level Spare Parts
Replacement Reed Switch  5mm Long 1.20 each
Replacement Magnets 5.00 pack of 4

What You Get

  • Clever Disk Fret
  • Reed Switch
  • Special Magnets
The solid set has a ready assembled cam unit instead of the fret.
Both come with full instructions.
  How it Works
Well, I'm certainly not going to tell you all its secrets but here is a summary.

The four sections of the "clever disk" assemble around the axle without removing a wheel and are clamped in place by the two assembly wires. The special magnets then glue into the recesses in the disk. This whole assembly then rotates with the axle, but at this stage can be moved in the axle. The reed switch is an enclosed set of contact that responds to the magnets and close four times a revolution. This switch is wired to the sound circuit of your loco.


Installation Instructions                       for the split cam

  Click Here for Split Cam Instructions