I would like this page to feature many and varied installations of the synch disc system but for this to happen I need you help. As an incentive if you send me some pictures of your installation and a brief write up I can use then you can have you next synch disk for free. You can find our e-mail address on the contacts page.
  At launch time we have just two installations to show you. Hopefully this list will grow

Please let us know how you get on with your installations

  Mountain Model Imports - Inboard Cylinder K27
  This otherwise superb model came with a very suspect sound system and a very poor cam. The cam is easily replaced with a Synch Disc and when hooked up to a Tsunami makes for great sound. I have done two of these engines now with the Synch Disc and whilst the method was virtually identical there were slight differences. This engine uses the 4mm Axle cam.
  For the first engine I did I dropped the wheels out of the frames to make taking pictures easier.

Also the first engine was an 0n3 model with all wheels flanged so I actually swapped axles 1 & 2 over to place the now not used original cam in the leading position.

This picture shows the four disc sections clamped around the axle with the assembly wires.

  This view shows the disc in place. I actually touched this one with a dab of 145' solder to hold the disc sections together and then removed the wires.

The magnets have been glued into place with cyanoacrylate [Dr Mikes] glue

  In this view the reed has been soldered to a section of circuit board tie [sleeper] which has been glues to the motion bracket frame stretcher.

The green wire is connected to one side of the reed and the black wire to the other. The green goes to the tan wire on the Tsunami and the black is one side of the power pickup.

For the 0n30 version the 2nd axle is flangeless so you cant do a swap. Instead I fitted the clever disc on the lead axle and mounted the reed the same way but facing forward.

Once assembled I adjusted the gap between the magnets and the reed by just easing it up an down. Once all is working the disc is secured to the axle with a dab of Dr Mikes.

  H0n3 K36
  This is the work of one of my customers who did this installation of a 2.5mm Synch Disc in his H0n3 K36 whilst helping proof read the instructions.

The disc is on the back axle and the reed is connected to the frames at one end and the black wire at the other.

It all fits nice and snugly here and the sound synchronises nicely although there is sometimes a slight hiccup when passing over a Kadee magnet.