We have been imported a few of the annual Stoney Creek Designs models for many years now (2002 was the first time I think). Most years they sell out before they are even delivered. Occasionally we end up with one or two left. The ones we have are listed below. When they are gone that's your lot as the kits are never re-run



  • Cast Hydocal Walls
  • Laser cut roof, doors and windows

  • Full Color Signage & decals, CD with Hi-res color construction photos

  • Detail construction & weathering guide

1/4" O scale 8" x 6 1/2" footprint


The Kit Features
  • Cast Hydrocal Walls

  • Laser Cut Wood Components

  • Mt Albert Scale Lumber

  • Injected Styrene windows and shutters

  • Full Colour Singage, CD with Hi-res colour construction photos

  • Detail construction and weathering guide

1/4" O scale 5" x 7" footprint


Sold Out Sold Out
This year NG Trains is only offered the 2014 Limited Edition from Stoney Creek Designs as a boxed set containing one of each building and the homasote bases.