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Evolution™ Coupler

We set our standards very high. First the coupler must be compatible with the existing magnetic coupler. Second, the coupler must function as well or better than the existing coupler. Third, it must look like the prototype and be the correct size for the scale.

This is the Evolution ™.

In the unique design we moved the knuckle spring inside the coupler body allowing for the correct detail on all sides of the coupler. The added advantage to this design is no more lost knuckle springs.

This coupler design is produced under patent and may be made in other scales depending on demand.

We have been testing these couples for over a year and produced hundreds of samples. We are convinced that the compatibility, function, and looks will make the Evolution™ the new standard for model railroad couplers.

  In Stock now!

#5114 Brown 2 pair

#5115 Black 2 pair



All SJCC Ready-To-Run cars will come equipped with the Evolution ™ starting with the Pipe Gondolas.

  Please note the Evolution™ coupler is shown in gray on the Stock car, the Kadee in brown on the Boxcar. The Evolution will not be produced in gray, it is just shown for contrast.
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