This page hopes to answer some of the regularly asked questions about Port Wynnstay Models. Click on the pictures for a larger view.
What do get?

Well that depends which kit you've bought. Generally the models are cast in a stable polyurethane resin but we're not one of those manufacturers that stick to a single material. We aim to use the most appropriate whilst keeping one eye on cost.

The picture on the left shows one of the Festiniog Railway vans. This kit is mostly cast in resin with cast whitemetal buffers in the packet with the wheels and bearing.

The picture on the right shows a kit which comes with an etched brass chassis. The body is cast in resin and the chassis is a simple fold up affair. Detailing castings are supplied with the chassis as are wheels and bearings.


The picture on the left shows a plastic chassis as supplied with some of the kits. These are ones bought in from manufacturers of 00/H0 kits. They are either close to the prototype or, more usually, hidden by the bodywork. If you have built a Ratio or Parkside Dundas kit these will be familiar to you.



Here are two more views of the brass chassis.


This final view is of the FR brake van. Most of the body parts are cast in resin with styrene supplied for the floor roof and windows.



That covers most of the kits. The Sentinel Railcar is built around a Hornby 00/H0 class 90 electric loco and, at the moment, the 7mm standard gauge wagons are body only kits although we are working on chassis packs for some of them