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Here we have a growing range of windows, doors and other items to aid the construction of 7mm Scale buildings.

We hope to add photographs and drawings of the windows and doors during the next year if we ever get a break in producing them as fast as we can make them.


Cottage Windows



Cottage Door & Frame


Example 5

PWM 32a 4off Large Industrial Windows -Brick Lintel Price: 4.10
PWM 32b 4 off Large Industrial Windows -Stone Lintel. Price: 4.10
PWM 33a 8 off Small and Medium Industrial Windows -Brick Lintel (4s + 4m) Price: 4.10
PWM 33b 8 off Small and Medium Industrial Windows - Stone Lintel (4s + 4m) Price: 4.10

Our Industrial Windows are now offered with a choice of either Stone of Brick lintels.

These are a separate casting and can be left off if no lintel is required or if they are already built into your building


the illustration shows the windows without the lintels


6 Assorted Doors (3 types)



Shop Front Set

(1 x wide window, 1 x narrow window, 1 x door, 1 x nameboard, 3 x ornamental pillars)



4 Station Seats

(cast iron ends, wooden seat)



4 Sash Windows Large

Modelled on a 6ft high x 3ft 6ins wide window. 2 panes per sash, the top sash is a separate item so that the window may be modelled open, closed or any position in between with the correct top overlap. The window sill i part of the moulding.


4 Sash Windows medium

Modelled on a  5ft high x 3ft 6ins wide. Details as PW51



4 Sash Windows small

Modeled on a 4ft high x 3ft wide window. Details as PW51



3 Doors with Toplight and Frame

Approx 22mm wide by 57mm high. Door with 4 flush panels, letterbox and knocker, in frame with a toplight


4 Sash Windows

Modeled on a 8ft high x 4ft wide window. Details as PW51


1 Large Double Door with Toplight

approx. 73mm high by 32mm Wide. Each door has a single pane opening just over half the depth with a recessed panel below in a frame with a large single pane toplight


4 industrial Sash Windows

Approx 69mm high by 35mm wide. Curved top approx 40mm radius, each sash is 4 panes wide by 3 panes deep. Other details as for PW51


4x 1950' steel framed domestic windows

Approx 31mm high by 34.5mm wide. 3 Panes wide each split horizontally into large and small pane approx 75% & 25%. Small pane alternates top and bottom


4x Double width 1950's steel framed domestic windows

Approx 31mm high by 68.5mm wide

Effectively two PW98 side by side


8 small 4 pane windows


6 medium 4 pane windows


6 Large 4 Pane Windows


6 Doors with 2 Glass Upper Panels



8 Small Bow Top 4 pane Windows

If there is a particular door or window you need zillions of to make your mega factory please contact us for a bulk purchase.

  If you don't see the window or door you need a zillion of it could be as simple as you making a single high quality one as a master and we'll then cast the the rest of the zillion and, if suitable, add the item to our range. If this is of interest please contact us before getting started for advice on pattern making for resin casting.
  Window Size Info    Download a PDF file with size data for the windows