We have been appointed UK dealers for this fascinating range of electronics components. Ngineering concentrate on items for the N gauge enthusiast but lighting products work in any scale. We used some of them on a project we were working on and found them really useful so we have decided to stock some of the range.


Magnet Wire

This magnet wire is ideally suited for devices that draw less than 35ma current. Manufactured by Superior Essex, Inc., this wire's small size (about .0045" diameter including insulation) allows it to be easily hidden or used as "prototypical electrical cable in actual wiring situations (see photos). The Soderon® insulation is quite durable and can be painted for further concealment or required effects. It is easily stripped as part of the wire tinning process. For easy use, we package it on a 2-layer bobbin. 100ft red/Green
Super Flexible Wire    
Designed specifically for applications that require repeated flexing such as voice coils, linear actuators, and robotics, this wire is extremely supple due to it's high quantity of small strands and super "limp" insulation. At 0.032" nominal overall diameter, the #29 wire is only 0.001" larger than typical decoder wire, but instead of the normal 9 strands, it contains 51 strands of #46 (0.0015") copper wire. It will carry 600ma of current so it is ideally suited for most motor power wiring in Z-Scale, N-Scale and HO. If more power is needed in larger scales, just run additional wires in parallel. Perfect for steam locomotives which usually place decoders in the tender (no more derails). The #32 wire is extremely small for insulated wire with an overall nominal diameter of 0.023". It contains 18 strands of #44 copper wire and will carry 250ma of current. This wire is ideally suited for lighting applications that require flexing of the power connections (truck pickups on rolling stock, crossing gates, bridge lifts, etc. It is also well suited for some lower-current Z-Scale motors. The possibilities are endless.
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5 ft. #29 Wire
5 ft. #32 Wire

Ultra-miniature SPDT Switch

If you need an incredibly small SPDT switch to turn something on and off, or switch between two devices, we've got just the one for you. Made by ITTCannon, this little slide switch features silver contacts and will carry 150ma at 12 volts! To see just how small this little fellow is, click on the Compare size link above. Incredible! Mechanically rated at 10,000 cycles, it will certainly last. The sliding action has a positive "click"
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  2-pack N3200-2
 10-pack N3200-10
Resistor/LED Mounting Board
http://www.ngineering.com/N8106-1.jpg You asked and we responded! These highly versatile miniature circuit boards can be used for mounting resistors, LEDs, and other components and have thru-hole solder points for easy wiring. They are backed w/double-sided Kapton® tape which can withstand 500° F. Each strip of 10 boards is pre-grooved between the boards for easy separation (after tape is cut). Now, placing an LED with its appropriate resistor couldn't be easier - solder it up and stick it in place! These boards will support SMD resistors up to 1/2-watt in size and LED sizes up to our 2x3mm ones  
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20-pack N8106-20
  LED Power Distribution Jr    
This LED Distribution Board has a 20ma current source on the board top surface to provide highly-regulated current for up to 4 LEDs. This source will support 20ma LEDs of any color and colors can be mixed within the group. Solder pads are provided for optional brightness-adjustment resistors to allow individual control of intensity of every LED if desired. The bottom side of the board provides connection for up to 4 additional LEDs, which can be connected as one or more series groups, individually (parallel) wired LEDs, or a combination of both. These connections have solder pads for LED current control resistor placement. This module will support a power supply input voltage of up to 18 volts-DC. A nylon spacer for mounting is included with each board.
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Low-temperature Silver-bearing Solder


We've tested a number of different brands, sizes, and blends of wire solder with the following criteria as guidelines:

  • A low-temperature solder for minimal thermal shock to our products.
  • Alloy composition for good flow and bonding to copper, brass, and nickel-silver materials, and gold, silver, or tin plated contacts and solder pads.
  • Small wire solder diameter.
  • Self-fluxing for ease of use.
  • Packaging designed for convenient use and storage (our workbenches are cluttered enough).

Kester's Electronic Silver Solder is our choice. It has a unique blend of 62% tin, 36% lead, and 2% silver alloy with a rosin flux core. The .020" diameter is well-suited for close part spacing and small surface-mounted components. Its very low melting point of 179 -189°C (354 - 372°F) makes it ideal for soldering our LEDs and an excellent choice for other heat-sensitive components like DCC decoders. This solder is packaged in Kester's handy Kwik Draw® dispenser.


No-clean Liquid Soldering Flux

This solder flux is very low viscosity so it easily and quickly flows in and around all surfaces requiring fluxing in preparation for soldering. It's excellent fluxing properties product shiny, smooth solder joints of the highest quality. We have tested many different solder fluxes and found this product to produce the most uniform results with the major benefit of leaving NO residue, requiring NO cleanup. It is packaged in a handy 1/2 oz. dispensing bottle with a Luer-Lock® Cap and includes a mating Luer-Lock® Stopper, and a 27 Gauge (0.016" OD) blunt needle with a Luer-Lock® base. The needle is 0.008" inside diameter to produce very tiny droplets of flux for soldering small, delicate parts  



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