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Bachmann Shay Replacement Gears

Set of four (4) steel replacement gears that directly replace the factory plastic bevel gears on the Bachmann On30 Shay locomotive. Installation required; includes instructions. Please note that the gears shown in the photo are plain steel for clarity. Production gears will be blackened.

Pack of Four Bevel Gears
The gears on the Bachmann 0n30 Shay are a press fit plastic. In service they are prone to splitting. These replacements are a press fit steel item that should last a lot longer. Fitting them is a medium to tricky job requiring a press tool.
If there is enough interest we may offer service where you send us your Shay trucks and we fit the new gears and return the trucks to you. Get in touch if interested in this service



Bachmann 0n30 Shay Wiper Pickups

Set of etched wiper pickups to improve the current collection on the 0n30 Bachmann Shay

Includes flexible wires for connecting the pickup to the chassis

Shay Replacement wiper pickups

Up a Level The 0n30 Bachmann Shay is a superb but complex model which can be improved with new gears, revised pickups, sound and keep alive installs. My blog features some of the work I have done on my Shays with parts I now sell, some of which I have produced. The blog shows you how but I am happy to quote for doing it for you,

Links to the blog are:
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