MMI and PSC have been producing a growing range of models in On3/0n30 scale and branched out in to RtR HOn3 models. Models for K27's K28's K36's K37's and C19's were produced. Many more interesting models have been planned and announced but nothing has actually been produced since 2007.

All further models are on hold, perhaps indefinately, but certainly until the economy recovers. Basically they need to get a certain number of reservations to ensure the project is viable before they can go ahead with production and in the current climate they just aren't getting them.


As a result of this uncertainty we are no longer taking reservations for these models at this time.


There is quite a healthy trade in these models and we occasionally have them in stock having bought them in. We usually upgrade them to LED lighting, installl sound and fit our contactless synchronsing disc

LAST CHANCE SALOON     - In Stock Models, usually only one of each
D&RGW 2-8-0 C-19, painted 1930s black and graphite, D&RGW Herald
  0n3 Models
#344- Painted 1930's Black & Graphite. D&RGW Herald - with fluted domes & straight sided tender DC1061-5 Sold

K27's a potted history