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H0 and 0n30 Coupler Clearance

The couplers listed below are some we have in stock and wish to clear out hence their low price. The 26 & 27 have the small talgo draft box handy for tight location but fiddly to assemble. The 40 series couplers are being discontinued and are replaced by the whisker couplers. Finally the 153 has the "scale" head. This is scale for HO so is a bit small for us narrow gauge modellers

  All Couplers on this page are priced at £2.50 per pack
We have limited stocks of these and when they're gone they're gone for good
#26 20-Series Coupler long (25/64") centerset shank
Talgo Draft box
#27 20-Series Coupler medium (9/32") underset shank.Talgo Draft box
Sold Out
Long Underset Shank HO Metal Coupler

#42 Coupler #42 Medium Overset Shank Metal Coupler

Short Underset Shank HO Metal coupler

Long Centreset Shank HO Metal coupler

Medium Underset Shank HO Metal Coupler

#153 "Whisker" Coupler #153
All Metal Self-Centering WHISKER® Coupler

Short (1/4") Centerset Shank

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