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Tools & Fixtures

Kadee produce tools and accessories to support the use of the couplers. We stock a few of these and will, over time, increase this range. We'll start with the ones you shouldn't be without

Grease-em Dry Lubricant


dry graphite lubricant

#231 "Greas-Em" Graphite

This fine, dry graphite lubricant is specially selected for use with Kadee® Couplers.

5.5 gram tube Also an excellent general purpose lubricant for use all around the layout to reduce friction in moving parts and bearing surfaces. Add a puff inside your couplers, move them back-and-forth a few times to burnish and enjoy smooth action of your couplers.

Trip Pin Pliers


Coupler Trip Pin Pliers
(For HOn3 to O-Scale)

#237 Coupler Trip Pin Pliers

#237 Coupler Trip Pin Pliers

To bend down.

To bend up.

For HO and HOn3 couplers. Adjust trip pins to the correct height by gently squeezing with these specially designed pliers. Curved jaw surfaces prevent kinking of the trip pins when bending or straightening



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