The IXION Coffee Pot has very nearly sold out and is unlikely to be rerun.

Cab Kits


Having previously bought all the stock of these EDM Models / NG Trains has now also bought all the remaining parts, returns and spares.  We are working through them now to see just what we have and are finding some models that were returned as faulty but have very minor issues. (just had one, "lights don't work" said the label. Plugged the lights in and now they work.


As we progress with this sort out (its not top of the `to do' list the models will be offered for sale on this page. 

DCC & Sound Models may take a little time to deliver. We are trying to keep one of each in stock but people keep buying them

Standard Specification 

Coffee Pot - Type 1 No Rear Cab Sold out
Coffee Pot - Type 2 With Rear Cab  Sold out  

                               DC, DCC & Sound Ready, Working head, tail and interior lights

DCC & Sound Installed

Coffee Pot - Type 1 No Rear Cab Sold out
Coffee Pot - Type 2 With Rear Cab  (1 left) Sold out

        As above but with a ZIMO DCC Sound decoder with energy storage installed. Our Custom Sounds and a larger than standard speaker in the water tank 

All versions have sold out but its worth getting in touch as we are working to release one or two additional examples

Cab Kits

Cab Kits

Cab Kits

This superb model shows what can be done with the full cab dress up kit and a few additional parts such as the roof mounted air reservoirs.
The Style 1 kit provides the laser cut components to fit the full tramway style cab to the model and to fit doors to the central gangway of the carriage.

The Style 2 kit adds an autotrailer driving cab to the rear end of a type 1 coffee pot.

Both Kits could be used to make the tramway model from a type 1 Coffee Pot.

We may have to order the cab kits in to fill your order. It is difficult to gauge demand, hold stock and not get left with cabs but no coffee pots

Style 1 - Tramway Cab Kit Cab Kit on its Own  25 Sold Out
Style 2 - Rear Cab Kit Cab Kit on its Own  12.80 Sold Out

 Download the lubrication instrictions -         Lube Instructions 

It shows you how to get the loco unit off the carriage and how to strip the loco body.You will need this if you are doing the cab conversion