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  • Finescale wheels
  • 5 pole flywheel-equipped motor
  •  Four-wheel electrical pickup
  • 40:1 precision gearbox
  • DCC and sound ready
  • Semi-sprung chassis
  • Cab detail & Sprung buffers
  • Hook draw-gear with three-link couplings
  • etched brass fret containing cab-side maker’s plates, nameplates, and engine number plates
  • Also included is a set of scale lamps and loco tools.
Description   Order Estimated Price Notes
GWR No1 Fowler DC Only Sold Out £225  
Plain Green Unlettered Fowler DC Only Sold Out £225  
Weathered Loco's   Sold Out From £355 We'll contact you to discuss details

DCC Sound Equipped Loco's

Space is very tight in this model and that has affected the way we have chosen to do our DCC & Sound installs. It will also affect the decoder choice if you are buying one to install yourself.

I have prepared a separate page to explain the issues. Do please read this before proceeding to order a ready installed loco or separate decoders for your own installation.  Read it Here      & Reviews Here


GWR No1 Fowler DCC & Sound Sold Out £390 ZIMO MX645 with EDM Custom Sound
Plain Green Unlettered Fowler DCC & Sound Sold Out £390 ZIMO MX645 with EDM Custom Sound
DCC & Sound Install in your loco  
  TContact us for price and availability
ZIMO MX645 with EDM Custom Sound
Red Cranks or Rods  
£35 Only when we are doing a sound install


Our installs include a large "keep alive" capability not found in a standard model. The party piece is driving across sheets of paper or running for 10 seconds with the power disconnected. The Practical application is that it makes the model immune to dirty track

Sound Decoders for this loco are now listed here

NOTE  - All sound project purchasers please read this:-
There are four versions of the sound project with variations on starting method and audible warning sound. You need to tell us in the comment box on the checkout form which you want. If you don't the default one we'll use/send is Z10. Also please note that payment for converted loco's is taken when the conversion commences.
Z10 Fowler Sound project with Donkey Engine Start & Air Horn
Z11 Fowler Sound project with Donkey Engine Start & Klaxon
Z12 Fowler Sound project with Electric Start & Air Horn
Z13 Fowler Sound project with Electric Start & Klaxon
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Fowler Sound Project

A sound decoder will be available shortly. We are just finalising the sounds now. As GW#1 doesn't exist today the sounds have been recorded off similar preserved machines . Initial reports from those that have heard the demo model is that it sounds "just the job"


The model represents the solitary example that was built by Fowler for the Great Western Railway in 1933. It was given the running number “1” and was powered by a six-cylinder 70HP diesel engine with an ancillary petrol-powered starting motor. The locomotive was sold to George Cohen, Sons & Co Ltd of Leeds in 1940 and was later passed on to the Ministry of Supply.

 The locomotive was built to a generic design that was in production from the late 1920s until the 1950s. Widely used by industry, the wheelbase was common, but a wide variety of engines and transmissions were used to suit buyer’s specific requirements resulting in many detail differences. The London Midland & Scottish Railway employed a similar locomotive numbered “2” which was in use from 1935 until 1962.


These are the initial CAD drawings released at the same time as the project was announced at the begining of March 2013. Work is quite advanced but additional detail is being worked on. We've even helped out by photographing a survivor near our base







Vid1          Vid2         Vid3

Fowler With Z10A sound project on test