Following the success of their Victoria Railways (Puffing Billy) Na Class loco there have been regular requests for RtR rolling stock to go with them.

Haskell Co have answered that call with their first item of rolling stock, the ubiquitous NQR wagon. They have also taken the inovative step of setting up their own production facility in Taiwan rather than outsourcing production to China. The NQR was chosen as they were everywhere on the Victoria Narrow Gauge and used to carry all sorts of everything. They were also a relatively straightforward model to use to commision the new productions facility plus they provide the building blocks for future models

  Model Spec
  • Kadee Couplers
  • Metal Wheels
  • Brake Rigging
  • Coupler Release Levers
  • Three Livieries
  • Numbered and un-numbered options
  • Sold in 3 Packs
The models are produced in three liveries representing different eras with the original brown, a faded version and the more orange colour (sometimes called `wagon red' that appeared in the 50's and has continued into preservation. Mixed rakes were quite common.

The model is shipped with the coupling release levers (which were added to the real wagons after some years in service rather than being fitted with the original couplers) and brake wheel supplied but not fitted as we worry these parts may come off easily in shipping and be lost if already fitted.

We have aimed to produce a model with what we regard as a realistic appearance so we have deliberately rough paint work and printing of numbers etc rather than shiny perfection.  


More Photos below





NQR 3-pack-# 65, 84, 91. -All wagon red.


NQR 3-pack-# 85, 64, 12. -Two red, one faded brown.


NQR 3-pack-# 10, 26, 123. -All faded brown.


NQR 3-pack-# 13, 32, 203. -All brown.


NQR 3-pack-# 56, 105, 213. - Mixed brown.


NQR 3-pack-Unlettered-Red


NQR  3-pack-Unlettered-Brown


NQR 3-pack-Unlettered-Faded Brown


NQR 3-pack-# 10, 65, 203. -One each paint versions.


NQR 3-pack-# 26, 84, 213. -One of each paint version.

NQR-FOX Fox Pattern Bogies (pair) with wheels



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