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D&RGW Open Platform Coaches 2012 Release

Part No Road Number Stock Price Order
B350106 Jackson Sharpe Coach - Painted Unlettered Green 0 £70 -
B350108 D&RGW Coach 285 0 £70 -
B350109 D&RGW Coach 304 0 £70  
B350110 D&RGW red Coach 3 pack    -    287, 305, 309 0 £200  
B350111 Jackson Sharpe Coach - Painted Unlettered Red 0 £70  
B350112 Chilli Line 3 pack  284, 306, 320 0 £200  



D&RGW Coack Lighting Decoder

  Part No Road Number Price Stock Order


DCC Lighting Decoder

The custom interior Passenger Coach Lighting Decoder for a quick easy-fit solution! Measuring 124mm x 12mm x 8mm this decoder offers flicker-free operation in both DC and DCC, with three onboard golden-white LEDs and three extra functions for even more interior lights or marker lamps. Also included is SoundTraxx SuperCapô technology to keep your car lit for short station stops in DC for as much as two minutes. With your DCC system, turn the cabin lights on or off, choose a different lighting function, and adjust the brightness to suit your taste.

While this decoder may also be used in other small cars or coaches, it is designed specifically for the Blackstone Models HOn3 Jackson and Sharp Passenger Coach.  See the data sheet for additional information.

£27 0 -

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Jackson and Sharp Open Platform Passenger Coaches in HOn3

We are pleased to announce our D&RGW Jackson and Sharp Open Platform Passenger Coaches in HOn3. We will be offering individual coaches in the Pullman Green Paint Scheme and a limited release 3-pack in the Original 1950's "Painted Train" Rio Grande Gold scheme. We hope to deliver these very special cars in early 2011.

From 1880 to 1882, the Denver & Rio Grande Railway ordered approximately 60 narrow gauge coaches that would become the quintessential open platform style of car used on the Colorado 3- foot gauge line well into the 1950's. Typical of D&RG(W) equipment, the coaches went through various transformations in the early years. By the early 1900's, many of the cars had been converted from the old "duckbill" style roofs to the "bullnose" style that was more prevalent in later years. In the 1920's, the cars were lowered and reinforced to accommodate safety concerns. By the 1930's, the majority of cars had been re-built with double pane windows. A handful of the coaches survived on the D&RGW into the 1960's for use in Durango on the Silverton Branch.

Blackstone Models is proud to announce the release of seven versions of this classic coach in various configurations. We have given special attention to version-specific details such as:

Lamp Vent placement Rest rooms
Roof Conduit (where applicable) Underbody Detail
Arched and Square End Door Headers Interior Seating and Stoves
"Chili Line" Bay Windows for appropriate versions (Supplied Separately) Accurate Paint and Livery
Trucks equipped with electrical pickup wipers.  
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  Availability updated 20/07/16