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We are pleased to announce our plans to produce a new version of our popular 3000 Series Boxcars! Often referred to as the Economy Door Boxcar for the cost-saving approach the Denver & Rio Grande Western took with this style, this release of boxcars will be available in a variety of road numbers and paint schemes. This style of boxcar has never before been offered Ready-to Run in HOn3!

Among a total of 1700 pieces of rolling stock ordered from the St. Louis-based American Car & Foundry in 1904 were 750 boxcars that would become one of the most reliable and identifiable narrow gauge freight car classes to ply the three-foot rails of Colorado.

By 1924, over two decades of heavy service was evident as the 3000 Series fleet begged for replacement or repair. Now re-named as the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, the company accountants found tax burden relief by rebuilding the existing boxcars over the option of placing an order for new cars. The cars were stripped of much of the wood while the hardware and trucks were re-used to construct relatively new cars. As rebuilt, the boxcars were equipped with sheet metal Murphy roofs while the side and end doors on many were upgraded with Camel hardware. Some of the cars were equipped with a relatively sparse door, hasp and door guide design compared to that of the Camel hardware equipped models. These versions have come to be known as the “economy door" boxcars. By the late 1960s, approximately 20 percent of the surviving 3000 series boxcars were identified as being of the economy door design. The term “plain door” boxcar has also been used to describe this special sub class. Today, many of these boxcars survive in limited service on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.

Blackstone Models D&RGW 3000 Series Boxcars Economy Version
We are pleased to offer the HOn3 adaptation of this venerable D&RGW boxcar, factory painted and ready to run. These unique versions represent the cars after the 1920’s rebuild as equipped with the economy door hardware. We returned to D&RGW standard specifications and the remaining prototypes in an effort to create a detailed and accurate boxcar that will please the discriminating modeller. Certain road numbers even feature paint shade variations representing years of sitting under the hot Colorado sun! Accurately placed and scaled hardware, underbody detailing, and fine nut and bolt applications put the Blackstone Models 3000 Series Economy Door Boxcar in an exclusive class of its own. Cap everything off with our free rolling arch bar trucks and factory installed couplers, and all you need to do is pull it out of the box and cut it into your consist!


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Road No. P.N. Description Stock? Price
3083 B340120 Flying Grande, Freshly Shopped




3409 B340121 Flying Grande, Freshly Shopped 0 £32  
3109 B340122 Flying Grande, Heavier Sun Fading 0    
3240 B340123 Flying Grande, Lightly Sun Faded 0 £32 -
3495 B340124 Moffat Tunnel, Lightly Sun Faded 0 £32  
3732 B340125 Royal Gorge Route, Freshly Shopped 0 £32 -
  B340126 Painted Unlettered 0 £32 .

Weathered Cars

Road No. P.N. Description Stock? Price
3109 B340122W Flying Grande Herald, Weathered 0 £37 -
3495 B340124W Moffat Tunnel, Weathered 0 £37 -
3732 B340125W Royal Gorge Route, Weathered 0 £37 -
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  Availability updated 07/07/14