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SOLD OUT                                  D&RGW Long Caboose

Blackstone Models is pleased to announce the 2009 arrival of these narrow gauge classics. Due to popular demand, the D&RGW “round roof” Long Caboose will be available in HOn3 in all five D&RGW road numbers. We proudly offer each road number in your choice of the 1930s era “Button” Herald, as well as the familiar 1940s-1970s Flying Grande Herald. In addition, we are releasing a painted unlettered version for you to adapt this handsome narrow gauge car to your Favourite HOn3 railroad! .

A Little History

Between 1912 and 1923, the D&RG(W) Railroad rebuilt five 1880s style short cabooses in order to help maintain a small fleet of durable and up to date “crummies”. Eventually consisting of road numbers 0503, 0505, 0517, 0540, and 0574, these “rebuilds” were more or less new cars that utilized the hardware of the old cabooses. These cabooses are referred to as “Class 5” by Dr. Robert Sloan in his book “A Century Plus Ten of D&RGW Narrow Gauge Freight Cars 1871 to 1981”. Favoured by railroad crews, the car bodies were 25 foot in length and sported wider platforms than their sister long cabooses in use at that time. Featuring the more traditional “round” roof style, these cabooses were seen all over the D&RGW narrow gauge system up to the end of operations. Interestingly, the 0540 was the very last caboose to be used by the D&RGW narrow gauge working out of Durango, Colorado in 1980. Today, all five cabooses of this class remain and three are currently operable. The Durango and Silverton Railroad operates the 0505 and 0540, while the Friends of the C&TS are currently rebuilding the 0503 for continued use on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. The 0574 is nicely restored and survives at the Colorado Railroad Museum, while 0517 sits on display with other narrow gauge railroad equipment in Fairplay, Colorado.

Five Road Numbers, Eleven Versions

Blackstone Models is releasing different versions of each road number to ensure you have the caboose that will fit your favourite era. We greatly encourage your reservations in order to assist us in determining our quantities in this production run. Please note that while we will produce quantities somewhat over the initial demand, we have found that certain road numbers move quickly.



The Long Caboose is now sold out. This was a 2009 production run and as yet there is no proposal for a further run of these cars


D&RGW Long Caboose - Unweathered Cars
Road No. P.N. Herald and Paint Description Stock    

D&RGW Long Caboose - Weathered Cars
Road No. P.N. Herald and Paint Description Stock    

D&RGW Long Caboose i- Lighting Decoder
. P.N. Herald and Paint Description Stock    


Long Caboose Lighting Decoder


The custom interior Long Caboose Lighting Decoder is a quick easy-fit solution for lighting your caboose! This decoder offers flicker-free operation in both DC and DCC, includes three onboard golden-white LEDs and three extra functions for even more interior lights or marker lamps. This decoder contains SoundTraxx SuperCap™ technology to keep your car lit for short station stops in DC for as much as two minutes. With your DCC system, turn the cabin lights on or off, adjust the brightness, or choose a different lighting function according to your preferences.

Measuring 80mm x 18mm this decoder may also be used in other small cabooses, though it is designed specifically for the Blackstone Models HOn3 Long Caboose




Sold Out

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